Fahrzeugortung in Echtzeit für Ihr Unternehmen
Fahrzeugortung in Echtzeit für Ihr Unternehmen

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Vehicle tracking in real time? TrackNav makes it possible!

Comtec has developed the user-friendly and powerful telematics fleet management system TrackNav together with its partner company Navteh and has been the ideal partner for fleet management for years. Thanks to the latest technology in vehicle tracking in real time, you can track the movements of your lorries, cars, buses, and construction machinery and contact your drivers at any time. TrackNav guarantees you smooth interaction between your employees and the control centre, short reaction times, and, of course, tracking in real time. At Comtec, we can help you manage your telematics fleet in a cost-conscious and effective manner. For years, well-known companies such as Felbermayr, Fröschl, and Fercam have relied on our fleet management system with tracking in real time. And maybe soon you will, too!

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Fahrzeugortung in Echtzeit für Ihr Unternehmen


Vehicle tracking in real time for the entire fleet

Your fleet can be controlled, analysed, and monitored with TrackNav, the tracking system in real time. The best part? The fleet management software is easy to use and is continuously adapted to adhere to the latest industry requirements and EU legislation.

The advantages

Telematic fleet management with TrackNav

  • Comprehensive overview of your vehicle fleet thanks to tracking in real time
  • Transparent tracking of the routes driven, driving, and rest periods – both for the driver on their display and for the dispatcher in the office
  • Theft protection thanks to vehicle tracking
  • Higher efficiency and lower costs by evaluating driver behaviour and fuel consumption
  • Integration of all contracts via an interface with most common dispatch programmes
  • Perfect networking between driver and the control centre thanks to tracking in real time
  • Remote download of driver card and tachograph mass storage
  • And much more
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Thanks to TrackNav, the real-time tracking system, you get a comprehensive overview of your vehicle fleet in real time. All driven routes, driving, and rest times are visible for the driver and the dispatcher in the office.

Route planning

With TrackNav, you can plan the routes for all your vehicles conveniently on your computer. You can also locate their positions and TrackNav’s tracking in real time informs you of any delays.

Fuel control

With the fleet management system TrackNav, you can transparently evaluate the consumption of your vehicles and in doing so, save fuel costs.

Temperature control

With the temperature box, you can monitor the temperature in the refrigerated trailer in real time. The dispatcher immediately receives an alert if the temperature exceeds or falls below the set limits – all thanks to TrackNav, the real-time tracking system.


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