Fahrzeugortung für Betonbauunternehmen
Fahrzeugortung für Betonbauunternehmen
Concrete construction companies

TrackNav: adaptable

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Areas of application | Concrete construction companies

Thanks to our fleet management system TrackNav, you can tell from the direction of drum’s rotation whether the concrete mixer is on its way to the customer or already heading back to the control centre. An automatically generated alert is particularly useful when the lorry mixer enters or leaves a certain zone. The result? Greater productivity.

Advantages for concrete construction companies

  • Overview of the capacity utilisation status of the concrete mixers and their return to the concrete batching plant
  • Central and cost-efficient management of all concrete mixers in use
  • Bundled display of all contracts via an interface with the most common concrete construction programmes
  • Status reports on breaks, working, driving, and unloading times
  • Efficient data transmission and communication between driver and control centre in real time
  • Recording of working time
  • Transparent fuel monitoring and evaluation of consumption to prevent diesel theft

What are your
machines doing?

TrackNav overview

Status report

Digital inputs

Fahrzeugortung für Betonbauunternehmen

Overview of all concrete mixer movements

Fahrzeugortung für Betonbauunternehmen

Report on work, breaks, unloading, loading, and driving

Fahrzeugortung für Betonbauunternehmen

Auxiliary drive, the direction of drum rotation, and much more


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Data transmission

Efficient communication between driver and control centre in real time.


You will receive a notification each time the predefined zone is entered or exited.

Status report

Overview of the utilisation status of the concrete mixers and their return to the concrete batching plant.

Recording of working time

Your employees record their working times directly in the vehicle. This way, you can improve your driver planning.


Individual interfaces

Are you looking for customised interfaces for your existing programmes? No problem, we can set the course for you also in this regard.

  • Contract dispatch via your programme
  • Recording of working time and transfer of the hours to your programme
  • Driving times
  • Management of additional equipment
  • Communications
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Fahrzeugortung für Betonbauunternehmen

Maximum flexibility thanks to the TrackNav app

Do you want to keep track of your vehicles while you’re on the road? That’s easy with the corresponding app for our fleet management software TrackNav. Are you not at your workplace but need to provide a customer with information about the position of one of your lorries? In a matter of seconds, you have an overview of your entire fleet. Now this is what we call smart fleet management!

Real-time overview of your vehicle fleet – even on the road

Direct communication channels between dispatch and drivers

Graphic and tabular journey reports – clearly displayed on your mobile phone

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