Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche
Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche



Areas of application

Areas of application

One fleet management system, five areas of application

There’s a reason our fleet management system’s motto is, “Know who drives what, when, where, and how!” With the user-friendly and powerful telematics system TrackNav, you can keep track of your fleet at all times. We will improve the fleet management of your company efficiently, reliably, and individually. This saves you not only time but also money. Best of all? With Comtec’s fleet management system, the data of your vehicles and machinery is available online in real time – at any time!

Whatever your industry – from transport, construction, and sand and gravel, to field service or bus operators – Comtec has just the right fleet management system for you.

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Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche


Your specialist for fleet management systems

Comtec is your partner for transparent fleet management, regardless of the size of your fleet. Founded in 1999, Comtec provides customised solutions for efficient fleet management in various industries. With TrackNav, our software for tracking in real time, you always have everything under control.

For years, Comtec has appreciated the trust of companies large and small throughout Europe. Reliability, flexibility, and professionalism are our top priorities. We provide our customers with comprehensive and individual support at all times – personal contact and mutual trust are particularly important to us. If you are looking for the right fleet management system for your company and would like to be advised down to the smallest detail, you’ve come to the right place.


You will receive a notification each time the predefined zone is entered or exited.

Status report

With the fleet management system, you can see the daily working time, time for loading and unloading, breaks, and driving time.


Get an exact breakdown of the tachograph data and be sure that you are complying with all EU legal regulations.

TrackNav tablet

A practical, removable tablet with a 8-inch display including all functions such as sending notifications, its own docking station, and a camera.


Areas of application,
one solution

Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche
Transport companies

In real time, TrackNav, the software for intelligent fleet management, visualises the movements of your vehicles, the distances covered, and the driving times. So you always work efficiently and save costs – no matter the size of your fleet.

Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche
Sand and gravel companies

TrackNav precisely determines and evaluates empty runs, loading times, and waiting times. This way, you can maintain an overview of your fleet management and can process your contracts more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche
Concrete construction companies

Thanks to TrackNav, you can tell by the drum’s rotation direction whether the concrete mixer is on its way to the customer or already heading back to the control centre. The result? Higher productivity.

Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche
Bus operators

With TrackNav, you can plan your bus routes conveniently on your computer. You can pinpoint the location of the buses, and TrackNav informs you in real time about any delays. Fleet management made easy!

Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche
Field service

Does a customer need something urgently? With TrackNav, you instantly know which employee is nearby so that you can respond to the customer’s request quickly and without unnecessary bureaucratic delay.

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Over 500 satisfied customers

Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche

Tailor-made software
“We rely on Comtec in every respect. The software can be perfectly adapted to meet our needs and makes our day-to-day work much easier.”

Johann Harder

Head of FERCAM’s Bolzano branch and responsible for the entire company fleet

Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche

Flexible and up to date
“What do we like about Comtec’s software? It’s easy to use and is constantly being adapted to meet the latest industry requirements. Thanks to vehicle tracking, we can follow the routes we take in real time.”

Martin Hammermüller

Commercial Manager of Herzer Bau- und Transport GmbH

Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche

Faster on the road thanks to TachoPlus
“TrackNav gives us an overview of our driving times and rest periods, and thanks to the TachoPlus software, we can check and avoid infringements.”

Simon Breitenberger

Managing Director of Alpipont & Alpikran

Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche

Simplifies daily work
“With TrackNav, my staff and I are always informed of delays in real time and immediate action can be taken.”

Markus Silbernagl

Owner and Managing Director of Silbernagl GmbH

Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche

Overview made easy
“With TrackNav, we have an overview of which employee worked at which location, when, and for how long – and all that in real time. We get a list of the associated costs with just one click.”

Dietmar Eisendle

IT Manager of Mader GmbH

Flottenmanagement-System von Comtec: Einsatzbereiche

Saves time and energy
“Thanks to TrackNav, our mixing master always knows when he can refill the concrete mixer with fresh concrete. Many other useful features make the handling of our tasks more efficient and cost effective.”

Christian Fiederer

Managing Director of Heidelberger Beton Inntal GmbH


Questions? We’re here to help! +39 0473 490500