Telematik-Lkw-Überwachung für Transportunternehmen
Telematik-Lkw-Überwachung für Transportunternehmen
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TrackNav shows you in real time the movements of your vehicles, the distances covered, and the driving times. So you always work efficiently and save costs – no matter how large your fleet is.

Telematics: lorry monitoring for transport companies

  • Comprehensive overview of your vehicle fleet in real time
  • Transparent tracking of the routes driven, driving periods, and rest periods – both for the driver on their display and for the dispatcher in the office
  • Theft protection thanks to real-time tracking
  • Higher efficiency and lower costs by evaluating driver behaviour and fuel consumption (effective measure against fuel theft)
  • Integration of all contracts via an interface with most common dispatch programmes
  • Perfect networking between the driver and control centre
  • Remote download of driver card and tachograph mass storage
  • Navigation solution especially for lorries





Telematik-Lkw-Überwachung für Transportunternehmen

Trailer location

Fleet management: lorry trailer location with TrackNav

Our special trailer location system allows you to determine the current location at any time and check which routes have been covered with the trailers. This way, you increase the reliability of your fleet and remain up to date on all current logistics processes.

  • Checks axle weight
  • Lorry-independent positioning
  • Overview of the entire fleet including trailers

Temperature control

Telematik-Lkw-Überwachung für Transportunternehmen

Lorry fleet management: temperature control in the trailer

Nothing is more irritating than a refrigeration failure or even a cold shock in the trailer. With the help of our temperature box, you can monitor the temperature of your freight in real time. As soon as the goods exceed or fall below the set limits, the system automatically notifies you, and you can react in time. This way, the cold chain is constantly monitored, and you can always guarantee your customers the best quality!

Comprehensive control Controlled temperature monitoring of the goods in the refrigerated trailer

Monitoring of the goods Immediate alert when the temperature exceeds or falls below the set limit

Reliable data Certified data from data logger (Thermo King and Carrier)

Tracking code

Easily create a tracking link that allows your customers to follow the movements of the vehicle.

Recording of working time

With TrackNav, travel expense accounting (overtime, daily allowances, travel costs, and incidental expenses, etc.) becomes very simple.

Driver analysis

Consumption, overrun mode, data on route difficulty, engine at a standstill, power of acceleration, cruise control, and much more.


You will receive a notification each time the predefined zone is entered or exited.


Exact to the minute

Telematics: lorry monitoring made easy

Get the most out of 60 seconds. How? It’s easy! According to EU regulations, the digital tachograph records the activity that occurs predominantly within one minute. If 29 seconds are recorded as driving time and 31 seconds are recorded as a break in a given minute, the whole minute is counted as a break. Why? Because the time of the break is predominant. The result? The more driving breaks, the greater the driving time saved.

The advantage? In distribution traffic, in traffic jams, during customs clearance, or when parking at the loading ramp, you will gain up to half an hour of driving time per day. With TrackNav, the driver can check this remaining time on the display without recalculation.

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IOS and
Android app

Telematik-Lkw-Überwachung für Transportunternehmen

Thanks to TrackNav’s mobile app, you can keep an eye on your vehicles even when you’re on the go. The app guarantees maximum flexibility: any changes can be communicated to the driver immediately – no matter where you are. Stay up to date!

Real-time overview of your vehicle fleet – even on the road

Uninterrupted communication channels and secure data transmission between driver, control centre, and mobile phone

Graphic and tabular journey reports – clearly displayed on your mobile phone

TrackNav client:

Start screen on the desktop

Contract management and time recording

Logbook with map

Route optimisation

Telematik-Lkw-Überwachung für Transportunternehmen
Telematik-Lkw-Überwachung für Transportunternehmen
Telematik-Lkw-Überwachung für Transportunternehmen
Telematik-Lkw-Überwachung für Transportunternehmen

Questions? We’re here to help! +39 0473 490500