Außendienst-Software TrackNav
Außendienst-Software TrackNav
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TrackNav – the ideal field service software for your employees. As a successful company, you know that in field service, one thing above all else counts: presence, presence, presence. Of course, it is not always easy to get everything together and ensure personal support for your customers, keep your employees’ travel times as short as possible, and react to spontaneous changes in plans. But, with TrackNav it is! Our practical sales representative software offers the greatest possible transparency and flexibility. Does a customer need an urgent service? With TrackNav, you know immediately which salesperson, technician, or service employee is nearby and can be at the customer’s location in a flash.

Field service software for route planning

  • Maximum flexibility thanks to real-time vehicle tracking
  • Integration of all customer contracts via an interface with the management software
  • Clear mobile contract management
  • Driver registration directly in the vehicle
  • Practical theft protection thanks to real-time location
  • Reliable communication between field staff and office
iPhone & Android mobile app

Fleet management app: manage all your data conveniently on your smartphone.

TrackNav tablet

Each vehicle can be equipped with a practical, detachable tablet with a 8-inch display – including docking station and photo app for documentation in case of damage.

Map PTV xServer

The constantly updated map shows vehicle restrictions and alternative routes directly on the map.

Module geofencing

You will receive automatic messages when the vehicle enters or leaves a predefined zone or when it reaches a checkpoint.


TrackNav software:
route planning
for field service

TrackNav overview

Status report

Allowance programme

Außendienst-Software TrackNav

Overview of the driving behaviour per driver

Außendienst-Software TrackNav

Mobile recording of working time with direct interface

Außendienst-Software TrackNav

Direct calculation of daily allowances, travel costs, and incidental expenses


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Außendienst-Software TrackNav

Individual interfaces

Are you looking for customised interfaces for your existing programmes? No problem, we can set the course for you also in this regard!

  • Order dispatch via your programme
  • Recording of working time and transfer of the hours to your programme
  • Driving times
  • Management of additional equipment
  • Communications
Detailed insight

With our sales software for field service, you have an overview of the driving behaviour of your employees on your screen.

Mobile recording of working times

By linking the programmes, you have the possibility to manage all working hours centrally. The result? Less effort.

Clearly arranged logbook

Clear presentation and evaluation of your drivers’ working times with TrackNav, the ideal software for field service route planning.

Driver registration

Quick and easy identification of drivers with RFID


Questions? We’re here to help! +39 0473 490500