Fuhrparkmanagement-Software: TrackNav und TachoPlus
Fuhrparkmanagement-Software: TrackNav und TachoPlus

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Fleet management software: telematics solutions for you

Busy professionals like you know that keeping an overview of all vehicles in a fleet is no easy task. To make your life and work easier, we have developed the fleet management software TrackNav. TrackNav fleet management software is used and highly regarded in a wide range of industries – in transport companies, in sand, gravel, and construction companies, in fleet management for bus operators, and beyond. In cooperation with our Swiss partner company, we also offer the tachograph solution: TachoPlus, which is primarily used for archiving and checking driver and vehicle data. Make life easy for yourself and place your trust in our fleet management software! You won’t regret it, we promise.

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More than 15,000 systems

Fuhrparkmanagement-Software: TrackNav und TachoPlus


Fleet management software TrackNav: interfaces

No matter how large your fleet is, how many employees you have, or if you have a company car fleet or a mixed fleet – with TrackNav, our fleet management software, you can easily control and manage your vehicles. And best of all? All contracts can be easily integrated into your existing systems via their interfaces to most common dispatch programmes. The fleet management software makes your work easier, thanks to:

  • Direct integration of the contracts
  • Recording of working time and billing
  • Two-way data transfer – from the dispatch programme to the fleet management software TrackNav and back
  • Personalised reports within the fleet management software

By linking the programmes, fleet management gives you an overview and allows you to manage your activities centrally. We would be happy to take care of your needs and provide consultation during an in-person meeting.


Thanks to the fleet management software TrackNav, you have a real-time overview of all routes driven, as well as driving and resting periods of your fleet.

Route planning

With TrackNav, you can plan the routes for your fleet conveniently on your computer. The software for fleet management informs you in real time of any delays.


Thanks to the exact data listing and archiving via TachoPlus, you can be sure that you meet all EU legal requirements. With our software for tachograph data evaluation, you’re on the safe side!

Faster exchange of information

The fleet management software TrackNav allows you to connect interfaces to a wide variety of dispatch programmes.


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