TrackNav für Sand- und Kiesunternehmen
TrackNav für Sand- und Kiesunternehmen
Sand and gravel companies

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Areas of application | Sand and gravel companies

Do you want to ensure that your vehicles are ready for use and that your fleet is managed efficiently? With TrackNav, none of this information gets lost in the shuffle. The intelligent software offers you maximum transparency in the supervision of your machines in operation. It determines and evaluates empty runs, loading and waiting times, and you can process your contracts more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The advantages for sand and gravel companies

  • Integration of all contracts and time recording via an interface with most common dispatch programmes
  • Increased productivity thanks to clear evaluations of machine activity
  • Simplified contract management
  • Central and cost-efficient management of all vehicles and construction machinery in use
  • Secure communication channels and data transmission between driver and control centre
  • Fuel control and consumption evaluation as an efficient measure against diesel theft
  • Recording of working time

What are your
construction machines doing?

TrackNav overview

Status report

Digital inputs

TrackNav für Sand- und Kiesunternehmen

Overview of all movements of excavators and concrete mixers

TrackNav für Sand- und Kiesunternehmen

Report on work, breaks, unloading, loading, and driving

TrackNav für Sand- und Kiesunternehmen

Auxiliary drive, the direction of the drum rotation, and much more


+ vehicles

+ vehicles

+ vehicles

+ vehicles

TrackNav für Sand- und Kiesunternehmen

No matter your size!

Whether your fleet is comprised of five or five thousand vehicles, with our field service software, you can manage them all smoothly. Comtec has long been trusted by companies large and small across Europe. And it’s no coincidence. Customer service is our top priority! No matter how big your company is, you will always receive comprehensive advice and individual support – personal contact and mutual trust are of utmost importance to us. Our fleet management software solutions are already in use both in South Tyrol and in the entire D-A-CH region. Perhaps you will also be using our software solutions soon!

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Consumption per vehicle

How much fuel do your drivers use while driving? With TrackNav, you have everything on the screen and under control!

Machine activity

All vehicles’ signals (tipper, concrete mixer ...) at a glance. The result? Increased productivity!

Driving and rest periods

Clear presentation and evaluation of your drivers’ working times directly in TrackNav.

Applicable across brands

No matter what brand of vehicle you own, our software runs on all machines – from concrete mixers to vibrating machines.

TrackNav für Sand- und Kiesunternehmen

Individual interfaces

Are you looking for customised interfaces for your existing programmes? No problem, we can set the course for you also in this regard.

  • Contract dispatch via your programme
  • Recording of working time and transfer of the hours to your programme
  • Driving times
  • Management of additional equipment
  • Communications

IOS and
Android app

TrackNav für Sand- und Kiesunternehmen

Thanks to TrackNav’s mobile app, you can keep an eye on your vehicles even when you’re on the road. The app guarantees maximum flexibility: any changes can be communicated to the driver immediately – no matter where you are. Stay up to date!

Real-time overview of your vehicle fleet – even on the road

Direct communication channels between dispatch and drivers

Graphic and tabular journey reports – clearly displayed on your mobile phone

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