TrackNav für Busunternehmen
TrackNav für Busunternehmen
Bus operators

Know where

the journey

is going.

Areas of application | Bus operators

With TrackNav, you’ll reach your destination on time! You can plan the tours for your buses conveniently on your computer and locate the position of the buses on their respective routes. With the integrated navigation software, the journey runs smoothly. And if there are any obstructions on the road, TrackNav informs you in real time about any delays. So you can take immediate action to ensure that your customers are on time.

The advantages of TrackNav for bus operators

  • Remote download of the digital tachograph for real-time location
  • Transparent tracking of the distances driven as well as the driving and rest periods
  • Integrated navigation software
  • Reliable data transmission and communication between bus driver and control centre
  • Recording of working time also possible while on the road
iPhone & Android mobile app

Fleet management app: manage all your data conveniently on your smartphone.

TrackNav tablet

Each vehicle can be equipped with a practical, detachable tablet with a 8-inch display – including docking station and photo app for documentation in case of damage.

Map PTV xServer

The constantly updated map shows vehicle restrictions and alternative routes directly on the map.

Module geofencing

You will receive automatic messages when the vehicle enters or leaves a predefined zone or when it reaches a checkpoint.


What are your
vehicles doing?

Allowance programme

Route planner

TrackNav für Busunternehmen
  • Direct calculation of daily allowances, travel costs, and incidental expenses
  • Facilitates travel expense accounting
  • Saves time and hassle
TrackNav für Busunternehmen
  • Determines optimal routes for lorries
  • Real-time traffic conditions
  • Suggests alternatives in case of traffic jams or road closures

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Fleet management?
Fleet management!

TrackNav für Busunternehmen

Part of really great fleet management software is the ability to integrate data into your existing programmes. TrackNav convinces with its individual interfaces for most common dispatch programmes. This allows you to maintain an overview and manage your activities centrally.

Of course, every company has its own requirements and unique needs. At Comtec, we are dedicated to meeting every challenge and would be delighted to discuss your needs during an in-person meeting.

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