Fleet management TrackNav for transport companies

With the TrackNav fleet management system, you keep a constant eye on all movements of your vehicles. The modern telematics system shows you in real time the current position of every vehicle, the route it has covered and the driving times. Your advantage: Greater transparency and cost efficiency, no matter what the size of your fleet.


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Our advantages

  • allows transparent tracking of routes driven.
  • gives you a comprehensive overview of your vehicle fleet in real time.
  • provides an overview of driving and resting times – to both the driver on his display and the dispatcher in the office.
  • increases efficiency and lowers costs by analyzing driving behavior and fuel consumption, which also serves as an effective measure against diesel theft.
  • integrates all orders over one interface with the most popular scheduling programs.
  • Johann Harder

    Individual solutions

    „We trust in every sense in comtec. We can adjust the software how we want and how our requirements change."

    Johann Harder

    Johann Harder, responsible for the branch FERCAM Bolzano and the whole corporate fleet

  • Stefanie Kargruber

    Reliable and innovative partner

    „Since almost 10 years comtec is our partner in matters of fleet management. The user-friendly software TrackNav meets all our daily work needs and its flexibility keeps it always adaptable to new circumstances."

    Stefanie Kargruber

    Stefanie Kargruber - Supervisor Road Manager Rizzo Trans GmbH

  • Werner Bachmann

    Save time with TachoPlus

    „With TrackNav we can always focus on the driving and rest period of our conductors. Additionally TachoPlus allows us to analyse breaches in terms of the standard penalty scale."

    Werner Bachmann

    Chief executive Bachmann Transport GmbH

  • Rupert Trawöger

    Taking the fast lane with comtec

    „The Software TrackNav is very easy to use and also intuitive. We are continously in touch and so we are able to achieve innovative projects and create new products."

    Rupert Trawöger

    Chief executive Trawöger Transport GmbH

  • Alberto Rossi

    A system for every necessity

    „We have found with TrackNav a system with which we can track routes, driving and rest periods and even a lot more, without an additional effort."

    Alberto Rossi

    President of Cooperativa Paratori Genova

  • Waldemar Hümmer

    You can rely on Comtec

    „With simple analyses which we got from TrackNav we were able to reduce costs and to get action against diesel theft."

    Waldemar Hümmer

    Chief executive Hümmer Transporte

Analyse your fleet with TrackNav

reports in TrackNav
  • comtec - Icon völlig Unabhängig

    Driver analysis

    consumption, push operation, route difficulty, engine in the state, strenght of acceleration, cruise control and a lot more.

  • comtec - Icon guter Service


    Alarms are trigged when vehicles enter or exit a geofenced area.

  • comtec - Icon individuelle Anpassungen

    Status report

    Keep the daily working period, discharge time, pause and driving time under control. Save costs with detailed analysis.

  • comtec - Icon skalierbare Lösungen

    Working time report

    With RFID registration you get automatically working periods directly from the vehicle.

    Get the most of the one minute rule

    Greater efficiency and time savings

    Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1266/2009 introduces important new rules for registration of driver rest. Due to the new regulation, drivers can now optimise their driving and working time, as the 1-minute rule allows changing a vehicle`s parking position without interrupting a break and counting less driving time when operating or being stuck in stop and go traffic. An activity shall be regarded as the longest continuous activity within one minute.

    Advantages with TrackNav?

    You can con control the time period during this minute on the display with an automatic counting system without having to count by your own.

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    comtec app

    App for IOS and Android

    You can always keep an eye on your driving vehicles, thanks of our mobile TrackNav App. It guarantees you perfect efficiency: any change can be transferd immediatly to the driver, it doesn`t matter where you are.

    • you get in real time an overview of your fleet
    • trouble-free communication and  safe data transmission between driver and head office –  any time
    • you get graphic and tabular driving reports

    We are here for you!

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    Fotoo App CE Companion

    Photo App CE Companion

    The driver can directly on site take a photo of the damage case and the head office is able to open them directly in TrackNav.


    If you have individual interfaces from your scheduling program to TrackNav the photos  are even scraped up directly to the orders.

    Interface of our fleet management system

    TrackNav Client is very clear and very user friendly. Look at some screenshots of the current version.


    • TrackNav Client Interface
      Start screen on the desktop

    • TrackNav Client Interface
      Order management and time recording

    • TrackNav Client Interface
      Logbook with map

    • TrackNav Client Interface
      Route optimisation

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