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Comtec was founded in 1998 as an innovative start-up. We created a lot of different products which should satisfy all the needs of our clients. Since the beginning our system – hard – and software – convinced many transport companies. Nowadays our fleet management TrackNav is being used in many different branches in every part of South Tyrol and espacially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our engagement and passion to simplify the daily work of our clients with innovative tecnologies brought us from a start-up to an established partner for many different companies in fleet management.

Comtec stands for the future in terms of the use of user-friendly and individual solutions. The fleet management TrackNav is always been developing in collaboration with our partner Navteh. For now 19 years Comtec has enjoyed the trust of large an small enterprises throughout Europe.

Comtec – a young team with 100 % know-how

a young team
with 100 % know-how

Just as the fleet management system itself impresses in every way, so does the young team at Comtec too: with flexibility, professionalism and reliability.

Customers are comprehensively advised and individually supported at all times – personal contact and mutual trust come first at Comtec and are what distinguish its customer relationships.


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  • Johann Harder

    Individual solutions

    „We trust in every sense in comtec. We can adjust the software how we want and how our requirements change."

    Johann Harder

    Johann Harder, responsible for the branch FERCAM Bolzano and the whole corporate fleet

  • Christian Fiederer

    Save time and energy

    „Thanks to TrackNav our mixing master always knows when to refill the vehicle with new concrete. This and many other useful functionalities help us work more efficient and cost-effective."

    Christian Fiederer

    Executive director Heidelberger Beton Inntal Srl

  • Stefanie Kargruber

    Reliable and innovative partner

    „Since almost 10 years comtec is our partner in matters of fleet management. The user-friendly software TrackNav meets all our daily work needs and its flexibility keeps it always adaptable to new circumstances."

    Stefanie Kargruber

    Stefanie Kargruber - Supervisor Road Manager Rizzo Trans GmbH

  • Bruno Urschitz

    Always one step ahead

    „The software is very intuitive and it is always adapted to the new requirements of the industry. Our dispatchers are not only able to track in real time but also optimize it at the same time."

    Bruno Urschitz

    Managing owner Bruno Urschitz GmbH

  • Werner Bachmann

    Save time with TachoPlus

    „With TrackNav we can always focus on the driving and rest period of our conductors. Additionally TachoPlus allows us to analyse breaches in terms of the standard penalty scale."

    Werner Bachmann

    Chief executive Bachmann Transport GmbH

  • Rupert Trawöger

    Taking the fast lane with comtec

    „The Software TrackNav is very easy to use and also intuitive. We are continously in touch and so we are able to achieve innovative projects and create new products."

    Rupert Trawöger

    Chief executive Trawöger Transport GmbH

  • Dott. Mag. Markus Silbernagl

    Simplifies the daily work

    „With TrackNav my employees were been informed in real time of delays and so they are able to act immediatly.“

    Dott. Mag. Markus Silbernagl

    Chief executive Silbernagl

  • Alberto Rossi

    A system for every necessity

    „We have found with TrackNav a system with which we can track routes, driving and rest periods and even a lot more, without an additional effort."

    Alberto Rossi

    President of Cooperativa Paratori Genova

  • Waldemar Hümmer

    You can rely on Comtec

    „With simple analyses which we got from TrackNav we were able to reduce costs and to get action against diesel theft."

    Waldemar Hümmer

    Chief executive Hümmer Transporte

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